Agritourism a fun way to get to know the countryside


Way back in 1967 the pioneering project  Farmhouse Holidays (Vacaciones en Casas de Labranza), was started up. Initially country homes offered accommodation and an opportunity to get to know the daily life of farmers and stock breeders. Today, when we refer to agritourism, it is the same phenomenon and confirms the biblical saying that declares “there is nothing new under the sun”. However, over the years professionals and businesses in the tourist industry have detected the need –and the inclination– of many people not merely to stay in hotels and houses in the country but also the desire to understand more about farming activities.

Malaga is a paradise for nature lovers and this is why the region spearheads the offers of agritourism that began many decades ago under a different name. Spectacular areas like Ronda are among the most sought after on specialized websites that act as links between the customer and the owners of farmhouses and rural accommodation.

It is possible to participate in practically all the complementary activities in the province:

~Help harvest the grapes and live at first hand the process of wine-making in Malaga. The local wines are becoming more and more well known and wine-lovers are more and more interested in the process. The Km. Cero Club Gastronomico organizes visits to some of the bodegas in the province.

~From field to table. Pick your fruit in the orchards. With the organization Malaga se come activity you can visit an old orange grove, pick your fruit and then make 100% home-made marmalade to the sound of local folk music. Does that sound good? It is just one of more than 20 proposals from this Malaga business.

~Farm hand for a day. Spend a weekend learning about farm work and cattle raising in the Valle del Genal. Farms such as Finca Mazaqueto in Jubrique invite their guests to take part in farm workshops. They can also learn how to make goats cheese or be initiated in the extraction and bottling of honey. Cabrama, the Malaga goat breeders’ association is another body that has opted to familiarize people with their daily tasks at special moments like the Malaga Goat Festival in September.

~Wild mushrooming. Learn more about wild mushrooms, how to pick them and how to cook them. Micotourism is gaining experts and the province has some very interesting wild mushroom routes. If you like this option, contact Ahora: casa rural y salud natural in Cortes de la Frontera which organizes a variety of country activities.

(traducción de Diana Mathieson)